Take Charge of Your Finances

Your future is decided by your actions you take today.  How you influence your future is by choosing your actions today.  Changing your habits are not easy, it needs commitment and accountability. A coach is an empowerment agent, acting as a mentor, instructor, motivator and cheerleader.

Taking Charge of your Finances, if they are out of control, is difficult, uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Agnesia Agrella, founder of MS Investment Academy understands this, because she pulled herself out of financial crises and she has assisted others to do the same.

The first step is the decision to change and then to surround you with people who will support your efforts to change.  Change is not easy it needs commitment and perseverance.

Some people say it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit but it can take 2 to 3 years to change your money habits.

Take Charge of Your Finances provides you with the tools to change, an accountability partner that will support you to change and a coach to challenge you to persevere.

We will provide the tools and the support, but you must take action.

Having fun is still part of the process and you will still be playing Cashflow Game, but now the objective is to get out of the Rat race within 1 hour, when playing the game.  You need to spot the opportunities and that is what Cashflow Game is all about.  To work yourself out of financial difficulty you must spot the opportunities and the take action.

You will learn how to be scared and then still do it!!

Take Charge of you Finances include:

  • Play Cashflow game
  • Personal Finance Analysis
  • 12 Weekly online tutorials
  • Weekly open office hours with an MS Investment Coach

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