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Are you afraid of what retirement might look like…if you ever you get there? Does the world of money and investments feel all a bit alien to you? Do you feel like you are in the darkest part of the galazy, in this black hole called Investments and Finance?  Do you just want to spend your money and do not care who manages your money, as long as you have money to spend?

Are you tired of feeling confused about how to best manage your cash?  Do you want to feel confident and make good money decisions?

Do you want to leave this black hole,  but you do not know where to start?   Do you want to stop feeling like an alien or a fool, because you don’t understand the language of money?

Are you tired of glazing over when the topic of money comes up, because it’s hard to follow the conversation or even worse you are embarssed about your financial position?

Would you like someone to explain money management and investments in a way you’ll understand and in a fun way?

Do you know you’re not stupid?   You just want it explained in a way that is fun and in a way that you will understand?

If you are saying to yourself, YES, YES ,YES!!!!!


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The  Cashflow Game is a board game and it is FUN!!! It teaches you about money management without talking about your money matters.  Although we are serious about money we are also serious about having fun. Learning about money and investments should be fun and everybody can play.

It is a board game, designed by Kim & Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It will teach you the basics about managing money, basic investment terminology and how to spot investment opportunities.  The objective of the game is to get out the Rat race as quickly as possible. You place your “cheese” on your dream and you use your “Mouse” (playing piece) to travel along the Rat race, which is the inner circle on the board.   When you escape the Rat Race into the Fast Track you move onto the outer circle of the board and start chasing your dream.

The game is modelled on real life, you get a profession, a score card, some money when you  pass “Payday” and you can use your money to buy different types of assets e.g. property, shares, gold coins etc. You will also land on squares that will instruct you to buy cars, boats, clothes, going for dinner and these items will cost you money. Just like in real life. The Market cards will tell you what is happening in the economy and some cards will be an opportunity and others may be set backs.  Just like in real life.

Difference is, this is a game and you can experiment with different strategies that will be too risky and costly in Real Life. You can test your strategies and determine if you are a risk taker or a risk avoider. Most importantly you will observe other people’s strategies and you will learn how to manage your money differently.

Ready to Play Cashflow Game?

see what people say who has played the game before.

Benoît Decurtins

“The cashflow game was pretty interesting, and it was a good opportunity to use English words in a financial background! I enjoyed it, thank you for giving this opportunity!”

Jane Quinn

“I really enjoyed yesterday’s game, so much fun and lots of learning in there too, it made me think and I like that!! The best way to start investments, with no real risk of losing money. Thank you, I’ll be back!!”

Sylvie Berthelot

“Thank you Agnesia. Lovely meeting you and a very enjoyable afternoon learning about how to create wealth in a fun way. Meetup very well organised and set up. Great venue. Thanks again and see you again soon.”